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6 Tips For Staying Focused Throughout The Day

There’s a difference between being busy and being productive. That difference is defined by how focused we are on our to-do lists throughout the day and how well we avoid distractions. When we keep our focus and accomplish our goals, we feel productive and successful. When we lose our focus, we feel stressed and anxious.

For the millions of adult Americans dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, CBD is emerging as a natural treatment for the relief of symptoms that negatively impact their ability to concentrate. Before you start Googling to see if you have ADHD, here are some simple things you can do to stay focused during your working hours and be more productive.

1. Minimize distractions by planning ahead

Nothing derails your focus or distracts you from your goals like a rush project that completely disrupts your day. And nothing is more frustrating than realizing you could have prevented the mad dash with proper planning. That’s why it’s essential to have a consistent daily routine complete with time for quarterbacking your day to identify tasks you would have otherwise forgotten about.  Better to catch that 11:30 deadline at the beginning of your day, when you have time to do something about it, than at 11:35 when your boss “checks in”.

Schedule your most challenging projects for your most productive hours of the day when you have the most focus.  You’ll feel good about the progress you made, and you’ll reduce the chances of falling behind on a project that could negatively impact your overall productivity.

2. Set your priorities and track your progress

Create a checklist and cross off all your tasks as you complete them. Be sure to update your checklist with any new projects or other accomplishments you achieve throughout the day that were not part of your original plan. Documenting all your achievements each day is an effective way to track your time and demonstrate your value. It’s also an affirming act that will help you end each workday feeling proud of the work you completed and motivated to finish the work you moved to the top of your next checklist.

Recognize the things that distract you and take proactive steps to avoid them

Whether it’s social media, tracking the hourly progress of investments, or texting friends, we’re all constantly tempted by things that drain our focus. When you start feeling the urge to drift from an important project, close your browser, turn off your phone, shut down your email and do what it takes to get your task done. The short-term rush you get from your distraction of choice is nothing compared to the satisfaction you’ll feel from crossing another project off your checklist. When your task is complete, you can reward yourself with 10 dedicated minutes of relaxation in the form of your favorite distraction.

Set a timer so you don’t overindulge and maintain the momentum you worked so hard to build.

3. Re-energize with Revive CBD and add invigorating, energizing activity into your work day

If you lose steam at the same times each day, don’t give in – take back control by engaging in some form of activity that gives you a quick burst of energy. This can be as simple as taking a short walk outside, getting up to refill your water bottle or just making a trip to a colleague’s desk. These self-care moments are like intermissions during a live performance or a sporting event time. They’re the perfect time to collect yourself, stretch your legs and recharge with a dose of Revive CBD that can help you maintain your focus the rest of the day. For maximum discretion, a CBD vape pen may be the right choice for you.  

Make procrastinating difficult by establishing work/life boundaries

It’s easier for your focus to drift during the workday if you can make a deal with yourself to finish a project on the train or at home after dinner. Don’t do it. When you blur the lines between your work life and your personal life, you open yourself up to stress and anxiety that can diminish your focus even further.  Resolve to complete projects during working hours to hold yourself accountable and ensure you have adequate downtime to rest and recharge.

Incorporate mindful relaxation techniques

It’s important to close the book on every day and prepare for a new chapter tomorrow. Downshift into relaxation mode with some deep breathing exercises that slow your heart rate and calm your restless thoughts. Before you put your cell phone away for the night, try one of the dozens of different meditation apps that can help you take your breathing exercises to an even more productive level. Anything you can do to relax at night will increase your chances of falling asleep faster, staying asleep longer and giving your brain the rest it needs to ward of distractions and maintain focus the next day.

Your brain is not a muscle but it can be trained like one. Start with a few small changes that increase your focus on one or two projects a day. Track your progress, celebrate your victories and become more mindful. Stick to your new routine and before you know it, the only thing you’ll find yourself forgetting about is how distracted you used be!

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