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Buying CBD Vape Oil: 3 Things To Watch Out For

With hemp-derived CBD oil legal to sell in all 50 states, there are hundreds of people each day making their first foray into purchasing an unfamiliar product. Since CBD oils are relatively new to the market, it's easy to become overwhelmed by marketing materials that promise the world.

Deciding to buy CBD vape oil, in particular, is tricky because you'll need the product to meet your needs and work with your preferred vaporizing device. If you're completely new to the world of CBD vape oils, here are three things to watch out for:

Start With a Little Research

When you're in pain or having trouble sleeping, delaying your purchase of a product that could help may sound frustrating. However, you're likely to get better results by taking a little time to research different products before buying them. 

The challenge is that the CBD industry is still under-regulated. So there's an overwhelming amount of products on the market that aren't what the claim. This is why you'll need to thoroughly check out the brands of the products you find to see if they're reliable and producing high-quality CBD.

Signs it's a brand you can trust include:

  • Information on the specific measurements of both the CBD content and overall oil amount, not just a measurement of how much vape oil you'll receive
  • Third-party testing to verify both the CBD content and that there is 0 percent THC 
  • The use of high-quality extraction methods, such as CO2 extraction which doesn't use any toxic solvents that could leave residue in the finished CBD oil
  • Good customer reviews and a lack of complaints about the company's products or business practices in general

Never buy a CBD product based on the price alone. Cheap CBD often contains much less cannabidiol than claimed—or even worse, none at all.

If you're trying to find relief from a specific health problem, you don't want to waste your hard-earned money on vials of what may be nothing but coconut or olive oil. Turn to trusted brands that submit to independent testing and you'll spend far less by getting a product that actually does what it claims at the recommended dosage.

Many of the most affordable vape oils are very low in CBD content. This means that you'll have to use more than expected to get the results you want.

Pay Attention to the Claims

Of course, knowing what a good CBD oil supplier looks like is only part of the battle. Learning to recognize red flags of an unreliable supplier is the second step to choosing the right products While CBD oil has a lot of potential and proven benefits, it's still not a miracle cure. In fact, CBD is considered by most medical professionals as a supplement that can be used to manage certain symptoms and not a specific treatment for ending or controlling a health condition.  Yet you can easily find companies online who will tell you that their CBD products will cure everything from herpes to cancer.

And while it's fine for CBD companies to say that their products may help reduce certain symptoms or improve health overall, claiming that a product will cure or treat any specific ailment crosses the line. Moreover, any company that makes such claims could face serious legal consequences and could be forced to pay hefty fines by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Since CBD oil is not currently approved as a medication by the FDA, but rather as a dietary supplement, these claims are inappropriate unless backed by research.  If the company doesn't care about the risk of FDA punishment, they're likely offering an inferior product just to make a quick buck. Bottom line: don't gamble with your health, it's not worth the risk. 

Look for products designed to address your specific concerns from brands who don't make outrageous claims. Here at Curaleaf Hemp, all of our products meet the highest quality industry standards. We carefully formulate every CBD vape oil blend with only natural ingredients like essential oils to enhance CBD's ability to ease pain and boost energy levels. 

Check for Psychoactive Content

Finally, make sure you're buying products with a 0 percent THC content. Most people looking to buy CBD vape oil don't want any intoxicating or psychoactive side effects because they need something they can take daily without distraction. But some CBD products have a high enough THC content to seriously impair your driving or ability to stay focused on work.

So always read the product description, as well as the actual label on the product, to verify that you have a product with 0 percent THC content. If the manufacturer doesn't state the THC content or is vague about it, look for another company. Period. You deserve to know exactly what you're ingesting when you buy a product. Which is why we make this information available on all of our product descriptions and packaging.

Plus, we verify the purity of all our products regularly via third-party testing.  

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