CBD Cream for Pain: Why CBD Cream is the Pain Reliever You Need

CBD Cream for Pain: Why CBD Cream is the Pain Reliever You Need

We’ve all been there. Maybe you’ve just embarked on a 5-mile run on unforgiving concrete. Or maybe that old tennis elbow injury is flaring up and making it difficult to complete everyday tasks. Or maybe you suffer from chronic arthritis, or tendinitis, or some other chronic pain that threatens to set your joints on fire at the drop of a hat. Whatever the case: you’re in pain, and you want relief as soon as you can get it.

One of the many properties of CBD that makes it such a powerful healing agent is its ability to fight physical pain and inflammation. That’s why at Curaleaf Hemp, we manufacture full-spectrum, 100% non-GMO CBD lotion that helps athletes and chronic-pain-fighters alike get the jump on the physical ailments that make it difficult for them be at their best.

How does CBD cream or lotion effectively combat pain and inflammation? Let’s talk specifics.

CBD Cream is a Long-Lasting Pain Reliever

While CBD lotion might not be as fast-acting as, say, a CBD tincture, applying it to your skin will allow you to feel relief in the affected as area in as little as one hour. Those who have suffered from long-lasting pain for a long period of time will find that wait time tenable; but even if it seems a bit long, the pay off makes the wait worth it. Like CBD edibles, CBD cream provides relief for longer periods of time that other methods of CBD administration—often, up to 5 hours. That means for every hour you spend waiting, you’re going to experience 5 hours of relief.

CBD Cream is a Precise Pain Reliever

We mentioned that when you apply CBD, you’re treating a single affected area. That is another huge draw of going the CBD cream route over other methods—it gives you the ability to treat one single area of discontent on your body. That means if you have a sore elbow, you’re only treating that elbow. If you have swelling in your ankle after a long run, you’re only treating that ankle. This might not sound all that ideal for people seeking “general” relief from pain and anxiety; but if you’re suffering from acute pain in a single region, CBD cream is going to be the perfect remedy for you.

CBD Cream is an Accessible Pain Reliever

Especially if you’re a new CBD user, using CBD cream gives you the ability to reap all the pain-relieving benefits of CBD in a form that you’re used to. When you use CBD cream, you’re not applying it any differently than you would apply, say, a skin moisturizer. Simply unscrew the lid, dip in your finger, and spread the cream thoroughly over the affected spot. When you’re done, simply re-fasten the lid, and store in any accessible place in your home. No need to worry about if you’re dosing too much. With very little setup, and very little clean up, CBD cream is the perfect quick application pain reliever.

CBD Cream is a Natural Pain Reliever

When you use traditional pain creams on the market, you run the risk of applying non-natural chemicals and additives to your skin. Not only is this an issue from the perspective of general health and wellness, but it’s an issue specifically for skin health. All too often people using pain creams are willing to sacrifice healthy skin pores for muscle and joint pain relief. With CBD cream, skin health and muscle health are no longer a mutually exclusive proposition.

Numerous studies have shown that using CBD cream can help your skin look more youthful and radiant. CBD cream has, accordingly, gained a reputation as a cosmetic as well as an agent of physical health. That is a rare, welcome combination in a market that, again, typically struggles to produce products that don’t sacrifice health for beauty (and vice versa).

Why Should You Use CBD Cream for Pain Relief?

So why should you use CBD cream for pain relief? Because CBD cream combines all the benefits of full-spectrum CBD oil with the easy set up and application of a rub-on topical. Because CBD cream is as precise and as long-lasting a CBD solution as you’re going to find on the market. And because it is an all-natural, organic solution to a problem that all too often relies on non-organic solutions.

If you’re struggling with physical pain or inflammation, please don’t hesitate to check out our CBD topicals, and get on the road to taking health and wellness into your own hands today.

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