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Will I Fail A Drug Test If I Use CBD?

It’s true: CBD or cannabidiol comes from the cannabis plant but doesn’t have the same psycho-active properties as marijuana, which means it doesn’t cause an intoxicating high. Yet, it's this simple fact that’s causing so much confusion for people who want to know if using CBD can actually result in failing a drug test.

Is It Possible To Fail A Drug Test From CBD? The Short Answer:

The short and sweet answer is no. Or at least you shouldn’t. Now, you may be thinking CBD is legal in the U.S., so how is it possible that I could fail a drug test? The reason may surprise you.

Your CBD Product May Have Traces of THC

Unfortunately, not all CBD is produced with the same high-quality standards. Some products may contain small amounts of THC. And while they definitely won’t get you high, consuming a lot of a questionable product could cause you to potentially build up THC levels in your system.

Studies support the fact that you can test positive when taking many commercially available CBD oils. Even if marijuana is legal recreationally or medically where you are, you could be tested if you’re a federal employee or if you work for certain private companies. Are you willing to risk your job by using a CBD product that could possibly contain THC?

You don’t have to. Here at Curaleaf Hemp, our CBD is 100% hemp-derived. It has 0% THC and is third-party tested for quality and concentration. So when you use our products, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of a drug test coming back positive for THC. Unless, of course, you’re also using marijuana or a CBD product that is from an unreliable source. 

Few other companies can make this claim because most don’t have the same quality standards. 

Hemp vs. Marijuana

There are many types of cannabis plants with various concentrations of the chemical compounds found in cannabis. Hemp is a type of cannabis plant that is chemically different from the marijuana plant. It has less than 0.3% THC and possesses a multitude of industrial uses, including rope, paper, ink, cosmetics, health foods, insulation, animal bedding, and more. Its only major fault, it seems, is that the plant is almost indistinguishable from its cousin marijuana to the naked eye. So people often confuse non-intoxicating hemp with psychoactive marijuana.

A Brief History Of Hemp In The United States 

In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act discouraged the cultivation of hemp and marijuana by placing a heavy excise tax on it. Then in 1970, The Controlled Substances Act defined marijuana as:

"all parts of the plant Cannabis sativa L.{plant} whether growing or not; the seeds thereof; the resin extracted from any part of such plant; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of such plant, its seeds or resin."

Unfortunately, this broad description classified both marijuana and hemp as the same thing. But more importantly, both were listed as Schedule I controlled substances—putting them in the same category as harmful narcotics like heroin and cocaine. 

Thankfully this classification slowly reversed between 2014 and 2018, as new laws relaxed the ban on hemp finally recognizing that it’s not the same marijuana and should not be labeled a controlled substance federally. This has flooded the U.S. market with an abundance of CBD products derived from hemp; many of which are questionable. With lower quality products it's more likely to consume higher than acceptable THC levels. And although these products can still be legally sold where marijuana isn’t legal because of their relatively low THC content, it doesn't mean they won’t cause you to fail a drug test.

The harsh reality is that the CBD industry is still unregulated. So your best bet is to find CBD from a credible source who can prove their product is pure via third-party test results that you can easily access. 

Where Can I Get High-Quality, Hemp-Derived CBD?

You can get hemp-derived CBD in several forms based upon your preferences.

1. Tinctures

One of the top complaints we hear from new customers about the tinctures they had in the past is that the taste was awful.

At Curaleaf Hemp, we believe carefully formulating a tasty tincture is just as important as maintaining the purity of our products. Simply put, we have the best-tasting tinctures on the market. Infused with natural essences and pure essential oils, our tinctures deliver clear labeling and consistent dosing instructions so you always know how much you’re taking. And like all of our products, they’re non-GMO and made with 0% THC. 

2. Vape Pens

We also offer disposable vape pens for convenience and fast-acting relief. They’re a breeze to use because they don’t require charging and are incredibly discreet. We have a range of blends to match your purpose or mood. These no-maintenance pens deliver a consistent dose of CBD directly into your lungs for quick absorption.

Both the blends we create for our vape pens and tinctures are mixed with other beneficial essential oils and essences like:

  • Vanilla
  • Bergamot
  • Lavender

These enhance your experience whether you want to:

3. Topicals

If you have localized pain, CBD topical lotions can deliver instant relief. We offer two: one infused with the cooling essence of menthol, and another with energizing lemongrass essential oil. Both contain 0% THC, are non-GMO, and made from hemp here in the United States. 

Explore Pure Hemp-Derived CBD From Curaleaf Hemp

All of our products are wholly hemp-derived and 100% free of THC. They undergo rigorous third-party testing, so we’re confident we can ensure their purity and quality. Explore our products to find out for yourself.

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