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6 Essential Daily Routines For Wellness You Need In Your Life

You’re already focused on living life well by taking CBD to help digestion, or relieve pain, but you can add another, absolutely crucial element to your wellness with a structured and goal-oriented routine. A routine can transform your entire outlook on life, help you take control of your time, and compound benefits over time you might not get with a passive, less strategic approach to your wellness.

Your daily schedule, responsibilities and commitments aren’t going to go away. Those are obligations. A routine empowers you to manage your obligations efficiently, accurately and gracefully. When you have a daily routine that works for you, it will help you achieve goals at work, feel energized and well rested, live a more adventurous life, and even potentially avoid some stress-related health problems like high blood pressure, weight gain, illness, and heart disease.

Reduce anxiety by making your mornings more productive and purposeful

Make time in the morning to quarterback your day. Just making a small amount of time to think critically about your day will reduce rushing around, reduce your anxiety, and increase productivity.

The best way to do that is to wake up at least a half hour earlier. Pro tip: set your alarm six minutes earlier on Monday and then six minutes on subsequent days until you hit your optimal wake up time - you’ll barely notice the difference from day-to-day, and you’ll have eased into a new normal.

Take advantage of your new time by focusing 15 minutes on preparing your game plan for the day. Take a thorough look at your calendar. Take stock of your to-do list and look for opportunities to build efficiencies. If your kid has basketball practice at 7pm, go get your dry cleaning together so you can drop it off on the way and avoid making a separate trip. Are you making dinner tonight? Defrost the chicken now and save the hustle when you get home.

Get the blood flowing early for better physical and mental health

One of the best things you can work into your days is 5 minutes of light yoga or simple stretches that clear the haze in your brain, get your blood flowing and boost your energy level in the most natural way. Increasing your flexibility, improving your circulation, and enhancing your posture will help you avoid injury and prevent those nagging aches and pains that sap your productivity. Best of all, a few minutes of stretching will always leave you with an inspiring feeling of optimism to start your day.

Take the time to Experience gratitude for a more positive attitude

Take a few moments to appreciate all the good things and important people in your life. Keep a notepad by your bed stand or in the kitchen (you can even use the notes function on your phone) and write down your “Daily Happy”. It could be as simple as feeling grateful that it’s sunny for the first time in several days, or as meaningful as remembering how much you love and appreciate your partner. A “Daily Happy” is your time to celebrate the things you love about your life and if you choose, share them with the people closest to you. You’ll not only feel more positive, those that matter most to you will too. It’s a great way to avoid unproductive complaining and help you all face any challenges in the right frame of mind.

Choose the right fuels to power your body and mind

The nutrition choices you make in the morning will have a direct impact on your physical and mental wellness for the rest of the day. If you’re one of the millions of people who skip breakfast, stop. You’re adding stress to your body by denying it the nourishment it’s craving. Just as you need to make time for planning, stretching and feeling grateful, you HAVE to make time to eat breakfast. Fresh fruit is the easiest breakfast there is and adding two tablespoons of all-natural peanut butter delivers 8 grams of protein at a cost of just 150 calories and 7 grams of carbs. Add a Revive CBD product to your morning routine to help you face the day with focus and energy and think about adding in some supplements like an age-specific multi-vitamin, calcium for bone health or turmeric to reduce inflammation. Ask your doctor which supplements are best for your age and health goals.

Be a better team player by being “self-disruptive”

While a routine can help you make the best use of your time, it’s important to make sure you don’t become so regimented that you lose the creativity and curiosity you need to adapt in our ever-changing world. Break up your workday with a dedicated half hour of discovery time to look at a project from a different perspective, explore new opportunities for your company or learn how to use a new feature, tool or technology that will make you more productive. This is especially important if you’re a manager so you can consistently bring new ideas to the table that inspire, motivate and challenge your employees.

Practice self-care to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer

After you’ve spent some time with your partner, family, or just alone catching up on emails, devote the last hour of every day to yourself. This is the time to power off anything with a screen so you can unplug from stress and distance yourself from the pressure to keep up with your friends and connections on social media. Any reading you do in the last hour of the day should be for your pleasure so you can relax and unwind. Find a dosage appropriate for you and take a relaxing CBD product before you wash and moisturize your face, brush and floss your teeth and turn in for the night.  

Developing a daily routine that works takes time. And it is work. But with practice and a bit of trial and error, the benefits you reap will be in direct proportion to the effort and discipline you put into it. Be patient with yourself as you adjust to your new framework but hold yourself accountable. Before you know it, you’ll be living life well with less stress and more time to do the things you love.

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