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Does CBD Oil Work For PMS & Menstrual Cramps?

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to provide medical advice or diagnose or treat any health conditions. If you’re experiencing issues with your health, please consult with your doctor as soon as possible. 

If you haven't yet experienced the wonders of CBD for PMS, you're definitely not alone. With the fairly recent federal legalization of CBD in December of 2018, more studies are being conducted than ever before to better understand CBD's wide host of health benefits—including how it helps to relieve symptoms of PMS like menstrual cramps, mood swings, anxiety and fatigue. 

What Are Menstrual Cramps & PMS?

For anyone who has a monthly cycle, the actual "period" is just five to seven days of a much longer process that takes about 30 days. During the month, your body increases production of the hormone estrogen in order to thicken the endometrial tissue inside the uterus.

Next, the hormone progesterone jumps into action, promoting the stability of the uterus with new arteries and blood to be ready to create a comfy home for an embryo if an egg gets fertilized during your fertility window. But if it doesn't, maintaining this enormous infrastructure for no reason steals much-needed resources from your body. So once you're past the fertility window without an egg being fertilized, progesterone declines, reversing the process.

Then, you reabsorb as much of the new tissue as possible, the rest shrivels up and is discarded from the body in a rather dramatic affair—resulting in a period. The uterus contracts violently to shake loose the endometrial cells trying to hold on for dear life. The downside: this kind of cell massacre can cause a lot of pain in the form of menstrual cramps. 

It also produces inflammation, which acts as your body's cleanup crew—killing harmful pathogens and flushing out dead cells. But those who have very painful cramps experience more inflammation than is needed. Normally, inflammation exists to warn your body that something is wrong, so it has the ability to increase pain sensitivity. But in intense scenarios, some women can also experience very heavy bleeding, diarrhea, and headaches.

PMS symptoms like irritability, anxiety, and depression are all a result of these hormonal shifts that lead to the actual period. 

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a natural, non-psychoactive compound from the cannabis plant that medical research shows has many therapeutic benefits, including pain relief and anti-inflammation. Because it doesn't cause an altered mental state like its cousin marijuana, it's legal in all 50 states. And, as scientific evidence of its health benefits mounts, it's quickly going mainstream.

How Does CBD Oil Work on Cramps?

Cannabidiol (CBD) interacts with your cannabinoid receptors. These receptors help regulate hormones. Hormones help regulate bodily functions like inflammation, pain and uterine wall decimation. 

CBD doesn't stop necessary hormones. Instead, it helps those hormones work in a more harmonious way with the body, which alleviates symptoms.

Is There Scientific Proof It Works?

Studies show that people taking CBD have less of the inflammatory marker PGE2. This marker tells scientists how severe the inflammation is. It also inhibits 5-lipoxygenase. This leads to less inflammation in both humans and animals.

Many studies support these findings, with CBD reducing inflammation in the:

  • Brain

While no organized studies have shown that CBD reduced inflammation of the uterus, inflammation is more or less the same throughout the body as is pain.

Australian researchers studied over 1,000 women with endometriosis, a painful condition in which the endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus and goes through the same monthly cycle described above. The group self-reported that CBD oil was one of the most effective ways to manage the pain, giving it an average of six out of 10 on a typical pain reduction scale.

That means if your menstrual pain is a six out of 10, you could feel no pain with CBD.

Another study found that CBD reduced neuropathic pain. In an effort to study side effects, the researchers also looked at whether CBD impacted memory and cognition. These are commonly impacted by THC, the psychoactive substance in marijuana. They found no decline whatsoever. 

CBD can also reduce feelings of anxiety and stress that may come along with cramps and PMS. How? CBD increases the production of serotonin, the chemical compound known to produce feelings of happiness that also makes you feel less stressed during this time.

How to Get Your CBD

Learning "how does CBD oil work?" is only the start. Next, you'll want to know how to get high-quality CBD into your system.


One of the best ways to administer CBD is through a vape pen. You inhale, hold it in your lungs for 8 seconds and release. The lungs are made of soft tissue that allows for faster and higher levels of absorption. For PMS relief we recommend our relieve disposable vape pen. It's calming, provides effective pain relief and is infused with pure lavender and sweet orange essential oils. 


So does CBD oil work if it goes through the stomach? Yep. But you will need more of it because stomach acid will make it less bio-available. CBD tinctures tend to have higher levels of CBD for this reason. Place CBD under the tongue so that some is absorbed through the soft skin there. The rest goes into the stomach.

You might try our relax CBD tincture with vanilla and ylang-ylang essential oils. It has 25mg of full-spectrum CBD per dropper, which is a similar dose to those used in the aforementioned studies.  


CBD lotions, salves, creams, and sprays are an excellent way to experience the menstrual cramp relieving properties of CBD oil. You simply apply the CBD topical onto the afflicted area and allow the relief to take effect. 

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