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How To Know Your CBD Tincture Is Pure

When CBD comes together with essential oils from plants, flowers, and herbs in a tincture, your experience rests on two key things: the purity of the CBD and the profile of natural essences it’s paired with—each essence containing its own set of benefits to enhance the efficacy of the cannabidiol.

CBD Tinctures 101

While there are many ways to take CBD for results, using a tincture is above all straightforward and effective. The process of crafting tinctures requires using concentrated CBD oil. The pros: this makes them practical because tinctures have all the effects of the oil, and you need only a few drops. Plus, you have the option to work up from a low dose to an optimal dose. Simply hold the liquid in your mouth under your tongue for at least a minute, then swallow the tincture. There’s no preparation needed. And no vaping or smoking is required.

Research indicates that supplements taken under the tongue are well absorbed by the body. In scientific terminology, administering supplements under the tongue works well for increasing bioavailability "with a rapid onset of action." The skin beneath the tongue easily absorbs CBD into the bloodstream. Effects can be felt in just 15 minutes. Tinctures also offer practicality. They come in go-anywhere dropper bottles that are tidy and portable.

But first, what do we mean by ”a pure CBD tincture”?

A: it’s a tincture made using the CO2 extraction method to derive cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp plants which contain higher amounts of CBD than marijuana and less than 0.3 percent THC, the psychoactive compound that produces a euphoric or intoxicating high.

To create a pure CBD tincture, product engineers must soak and then dry hemp for an extended period. The result: a CBD tincture derived from the hemp plant that is non-psychoactive. Here at Curaleaf Hemp, we offer a variety of pure hemp-derived CBD tinctures, free of any added cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids.

Our development team has decades of experience. And building on that experience, our experts have developed exceptional and clean extraction techniques to produce pure CBD oil for our tinctures.

Every CBD tincture has a purpose

When pure, every element used to craft a tincture is done so with the intention of promoting a specific kind of relief. Or in other words, every pure CBD tincture has a purpose.

By design, it might be:


It’s hard to create or even come up with ideas when something’s tugging on your mind for your attention. This could be physical pain or mental distress. Whatever the case, seeking relief can be a matter of smoothing out the negatives, such as inflammation, pain, anxiety or stress. Customers tend to talk not so much about a feeling CBD provides as much as they talk about a sensation of release from mental, physical and emotional issues that obstruct creative self-expression and prevent them from living life to the fullest.

Stress reduction

Our relax tincture is developed to release tension and reduce stress. With optimally blended essential vanilla oil and extract of ylang-ylang flowers, relax can help soothe your stress, support healthy sleep patterns and promote mental R&R.

Energy and focus

Essential oils derived from lemon zest and bergamot oranges come together in a tincture named revive. High in vitamin C and with a citrus-forward twang, revive renews energy and helps to garner sharper focus and attention to details.


A blend of clove, cinnamon and ginger essential oils, our digest tincture settles an upset stomach and aids in digestion. It’s a deeply pleasing balance of herbs and spices long considered beneficial for the digestive tract. As with our other tinctures, the recommended dose is easily measured and applied sublingually.


CBD activates the body’s own GPR55 cannabinoid receptor. Encoded in our genes, GPR55 is connected with a reduction in inflammation and pain. Studies also show that CBD can inactivate TRPV1 receptors, giving it an analgesic effect. Our relieve tincture is made to promote calmness and soothe muscles and joints. The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender blended with sweet orange make this tincture popular for people living with chronic pain.


In our uplift tincture, essences of jasmine flower and wintergreen leaf promote a healthy immune system and stimulate a positive frame of mind. The taste is cool, fresh, and finished with subtle floral tones. CBD itself is a suppressant of the 5-HT1A receptor in the central nervous system. This ability enhances its anti-anxiety properties to support mental clarity and balance.

Curaleaf Hemp’s pure CBD tinctures complement a health-conscious lifestyle.

Explore our collection of pure, hemp-derived CBD tinctures. Each is third-party tested and contains absolutely 0% THC, artificial colors or flavorings. 

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