Finding The Best CBD Oil For Dogs: What To Know Before You Buy

Finding The Best CBD Oil For Dogs: What To Know Before You Buy

CBD oil isn’t just for people anymore. Dogs can safely take CBD products designed for pet use too, and there’s scientific evidence to prove it. However, that doesn’t mean every CBD product on the market for animals is effective—or even safe.

This is why you'll still need to do some research on your own before finding the best CBD oil for your dog.

1. Always Look for High-Quality Products

If you don’t use CBD personally, it’s likely you don't know what separates a high-quality CBD oil from a low-quality one.

So, always pay attention to:

  • The source of CBD: The best CBD oil for dogs will come directly from hemp and not marijuana. Hemp-derived CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, which can be removed completely during the extraction process. But CBD made from marijuana possesses very high amounts of the psychoactive compound THC, which can cause toxicity in dogs. That’s why it's best to stick with a product that contains no trace of THC and is tested by a reliable third-party to confirm its purity.
  • The ingredients list: Some additives and ingredients are used in human-grade CBD oils, such as flavorings and essential oils, that aren’t safe for dogs. Search for products with as few ingredients as possible, and verify that any additives, beyond the CBD oil and carrier oils (like MCT oil), are safe for dogs to consume.
  • The extraction method: Many CBD oils, especially for pets, are extracted with solvents that are highly toxic. If even a trace of the solvent is left in the finished oil, it can have an adverse effect on your pet’s health. But the CO2 extraction method is a much safer process since CO2 gas can also be used for consumables like soda and other carbonated drinks.

Here at Curaleaf Hemp, we use the CO2 extraction method to carefully formulate all of our CBD products for pets.

2. Check For Products With Dosing Instructions

When looking for a quality CBD supplier, it’s important to check that they have thorough dosing instructions you can follow. Giving your dog the proper amount of CBD will dictate how they feel the effects.

The optimal dose is usually based on your dog’s weight. Meaning larger dogs will typically receive a larger dose, while smaller dogs will need a lower dose. Still, it’s also important to consider the amount of CBD in the products you use for your dog. For example, a CBD product might have 1 mg of CBD per 10 mg of carrier oil, or it could have far more or far less. This is why receiving accurate guidelines from a brand you can trust matters.

When you know how many milligrams of CBD are in each milliliter of oil, you can safely administer CBD to your pet.

But for reference, here are some general dosage guidelines to keep in mind:

  • <10 pounds ‒ (Very Small): 1‒5 mg
  • 10‒20 pounds ‒ (Small): 2‒8 mg
  • 20‒30 pounds ‒ (Medium): 3‒12 mg
  • 30‒40 pounds ‒ (Medium-Large): 4‒15 mg
  • 50‒60 pounds ‒ (Large): 5‒18 mg
  • >60 pounds ‒ (Very Large): 7‒20 mg

3. Work With A CBD-Friendly Vet

    If you’re looking to address the symptoms of a specific health condition, work with a CBD-friendly vet to get the best results. At the moment vets are not technically allowed to recommend CBD officially. But there are many holistic vets knowledgeable about the use of CBD around the country—although it might take a little time to call around and find one near you.

    But if you can’t locate a CBD-positive vet within driving distance, consider an online vet service for at least planning consultations about your dog’s CBD regimen. Even if the vet isn’t able to run any tests themselves, they can still work remotely with a local vet who handles the hands-on work so you can get the best of both worlds.

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