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How Can I Take CBD?

You’ve done your research. You understand that CBD will not get you high and can help provide a number of therapeutic benefits. Now it’s time to learn about the different ways you can take CBD to ensure the best possible results for your treatment goals and personal preferences.

At Curaleaf Hemp, we offer CBD products in a variety of forms : tinctures, topicals, softgel capsules, transdermal patches, and vape pens.

Let’s talk about what these different CBD products are, how they work, and how to decide which product and administration method is right for you.


CBD tinctures are a combination of concentrated CBD oil and different essential oils that provide flavor and enhance the therapeutic effect. For example, the tincture we created to give users a boost of energy is flavored with jasmine and wintergreen while the tincture that helps users to relax is flavored with vanilla and ylang ylang to encourage a sense of calm. Each tincture bottle includes a dropper so you can measure out the proper dose.

To take a CBD tincture, you have three choices. You can mix it into food or a beverage, place it under your tongue or apply it to your skin. Placing the tincture under your tongue tends to have the fastest, longest lasting effect since the CBD is absorbed directly into your salivary glands instead of going through your digestive system; however it’s always best to go with the method you’re most comfortable with.


At Curaleaf Hemp, we offer two forms of topical CBD treatments: patches and lotions.

If you’ve ever seen a person using a nicotine patch, ours work exactly the same way. The primary benefit of these discreet, easy to apply patches is that the CBD absorbs into your skin throughout the day and eliminates the need to take additional doses. If you have a busy schedule or simply want long-lasting relief right where it hurts, CBD patches may be the right choice for you.

Just as you’d use a lotion to soothe a sunburn, a CBD lotion helps to treat pain right at the source. Lotions are particularly good for muscle and joint pain on any part of your body where you’re feeling discomfort and would prefer not to place a patch for the world to see. Lotions tend to work faster than patches but depending on the intensity of your pain, you may need to reapply.


If you’re seeking the most discreet way to take CBD, it’s as easy as adding CBD softgel capsules to your daily vitamin regiment. Curaleaf Hemp softgel capsules look just like Vitamin E supplements and are just as easy to take with a glass of water. Because your body has to digest them first, they don’t work as quickly as lotions, patches or tinctures, but the therapeutic benefits are long lasting with nothing to apply to your skin.


Vaping is the process of heating CBD to the point where it converts from liquid to gas so you can inhale the soothing vapors like you would the mist of a vaporizer or the medication of an asthma inhaler. Curaleaf Hemp offers disposable CBD vape pens that contain up to 200 doses depending on how deep you inhale. The battery life of the heat source coincides with the amount of CBD oil inside the pen. Once the battery has expired, you simply throw the pen away. The primary benefit of vape pens is that you feel the therapeutic benefits almost instantly. Users also appreciate the fact that there are no lotions or patches to apply, however, the effects tend to last only an hour or two so you’ll likely need to vape a few times throughout the day.

We hope this review of the different ways you can take CBD has helped you to understand your options and make a decision you’ll feel good about. Don’t feel pressured to make the right choice the first time. Many of our customers try a few different products before they decide which one is best for them and other customers use multiple products for different situations or to achieve different mood states. It’s all about personal preference and as the old saying goes, you never know until you try!

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