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How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Pet?

The do's and don'ts of CBD dosing for pets are virtually the same as dosing for humans. But the major difference is that you must administer much smaller quantities of CBD to your pet than you would yourself or another human. At the same time, there also are several other important factors to consider before you give CBD to your pet. 

A Few Best Practices & Guidelines

The first thing to keep in mind is your pet's body weight. If smaller, you'll want to stick with a low dose. But for larger animals, you'll need to administer a higher dose. Here are some basic dosage guidelines you can use as a starting point: 

  • <10 pounds ‒ (Very Small): 1‒5 mg
  • 10‒20 pounds ‒ (Small): 2‒8 mg
  • 20‒30 pounds ‒ (Medium): 3‒12 mg
  • 30‒40 pounds ‒ (Medium‒Large): 4‒15 mg
  • 50‒60 pounds ‒ (Large): 5‒18 mg
  • >60 pounds ‒ (Very Large): 7‒20 mg

Start With A Low CBD Dose for Pets and Work Your Way Up

The best advice you can follow to give your pet the proper dose of CBD is to start small and work your way up according to your pet’s reaction. This is a safe and scalable way to adjust the dosage accordingly until a desirable outcome is achieved. Some pets will do fine with the smallest dose; other pets will seem to need a larger dose no matter what—the key is to experiment until you find a happy medium for your pet. 

Typically, you'll want to administer the CBD from one to three times a day. It's also best to give your pet a low dose for a few days only once per day, then work upward from there if the low dose doesn't seem to be taking effect. 

FAQ About CBD Dosing for Pets

Any concerned pet owner is bound to have some questions about putting their pet on a CBD regimen. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Should I give my pet adjusted doses of CBD according to the ailment?

Different ailments can call for smaller or larger doses of CBD. A few examples to consider include:

  • For the purpose of preventive health, the lowest dose for your dog’s weight is the best place to start
  • Situational ailments like allergy problems or acute stress may require a larger dose
  • For chronic medical issues, medium-size doses tend to work well
  • Pain, discomfort and insomnia are all examples of ailments that may call for a stronger dose

Is it possible to give my pet too much CBD?

It's unlikely that high doses of CBD will have a strong adverse or negative effect on your pet. You may see your dog or cat become more tired or drowsy with a larger dose of CBD, but this side effect is pretty normal and nothing to worry about. 

Worst case scenario, your pet may experience mild nausea or a little loose stool, but this should pass quickly. If it happens, it's important to see your vet as soon as possible to make sure your pet is fully okay. Unfortunately, the CBD industry is still largely under-regulated. As a result, there are an overwhelming amount of CBD products marketed to pet owners that simply aren't what they claim.

This means they could contain harmful ingredients and traces of THC—which is toxic to cats and dogs. So it's vital to do your research on the products you plan to give your pet. Check to confirm that they're made with CBD from hemp, all natural ingredients, and contain no artificial colors or flavorings. More importantly, verify that the brand you buy from conducts third-party testing from a reliable source. 

Never take a brand's word for it. Always look to verify any claims with credible evidence you can see for yourself. Here at Curaleaf Hemp, we take carefully formulating CBD for your pets seriously. All of our products are 100% free of THC, non-GMO and tested by a trusted third-party to ensure their purity, efficacy, and safety. 

Does CBD interact with other pet medications?

CBD has the ability to inhibit the metabolic rate of some medications in the liver. Therefore, it's best to keep doses to a low degree if your pet is on other medications. To be absolutely sure, talk to your vet about CBD before giving it to your pet if they're already taking medications.

Which CBD products are the easiest to dose properly for pets?

The answer to this question simply comes down to personal preference. A lot of pet owners like CBD tinctures because the drops are easy to measure and squirt on the back of their pet's tongue to encourage swallowing. However, there are also CBD-infused treats with specific dosage amounts that make dosing a breeze. CBD powders and capsules are also another option to consider because these can be easily mixed in with food or water.

Takeaways to Remember About How Much CBD Oil To Give Your Pet

  • Never hesitate to talk to your vet for advice on CBD dosage for your specific pet
  • Start small and increase the dosage slowly as needed
  • All pets respond differently to CBD
  • Watch for side effects after the first dose and anytime after you increase the dosage
  • Talk to your vet about how CBD interacts with other medications
  • It is highly unlikely that you will cause a severe reaction by administering too much CBD. But if your pet does have an adverse reaction to a CBD product, make sure to take them to the vet as soon as possible after to make sure they're okay. 

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