How To Find A CBD Distributor

How To Find A CBD Distributor

In 2020, the U.S. CBD industry is expected to rake in more than $1.15 billion in sales—a steep increase from the $512 million in total sales in 2018. As this explosive growth pattern continues, the demand for CBD is at an all-time high, which is motivating more retailers to get in on the action. Even CVS, one of the nation’s largest retail drugstore chains, has already begun selling CBD in over 800 stores across the country. And soon, other large-scale retailers will follow suit, including Walgreens and Rite Aid.

In short, CBD is everywhere, and just about everyone seems to be selling it. But for retailers, the key to finding success in the CBD marketplace relies on one thing: finding a reliable CBD distributor with quality products for your customer's needs. The challenge is tracking down the right distributor to partner with. Not every distributor will offer products worthy of retail, nor will they have experience dealing specifically with retailers and wholesale orders. So as a retailer, it’s crucial to vet any prospective distributor as thoroughly as possible. You don’t want to risk buying low-quality CBD products to sell to your customers from a questionable source with poor business-to-business practices.

Here are some important attributes to look for in a CBD distributor that we hope will save you some time as you search.

1. Quality

Does The Distributor Care About Producing Quality CBD Products?

Hands down, the very first thing to consider when searching for a CBD distributor is quality. Unfortunately, the CBD industry is currently unregulated. This means that subpar CBD products have infiltrated the market from companies who are more concerned about turning a quick profit than they are about the safety and efficacy of their products. Bottom line: You have to be careful. Don’t cut corners. Do your own research. Never take a distributor’s word for what’s in their products. Take time to check out the ingredients. Familiarize yourself with how they extract the CBD.

A reputable CBD distributor will always use only natural ingredients with as few additives as possible, and extract the CBD using the CO2 extraction method. This method is a better choice than extracting CBD with solvents because it cleanly releases the relevant plant compounds without any lingering residues or other unpleasant additives. While carbon dioxide, or CO2, is a food-safe gas that’s used for carbonating drinks, it can act as a solvent when used at a certain temperature and pressure level. However, it’s not actually a solvent, so there’s no chance of any contaminants remaining in the finished oil.

Also, make sure the distributors you’re vetting have had a third party test their products to confirm the purity and potency. Companies who conduct third-party testing to validate the contents of their products—and make those test results easily accessible to consumers and retail partners—actively demonstrate their credibility. This is why we conduct rigorous third-party testing on every Curaleaf Hemp product.

2. Service

Does the Distributor Provide Excellent Customer Service?

The rapid growth of CBD’s popularity has left some distributors scrambling to keep up with the demand. The bad news: If you accidentally build a partnership with one of these distributors, it’s likely you’ll run into all kinds of customer service issues that can potentially slow your business down. Delayed orders, faulty communication, lost shipments—these are the kind of issues that can negatively impact your customer’s experience. Our advice: Don’t settle for less than excellent when it comes to business-to-business customer service.

Prompt communication, friendly service, timely and accurate shipments—you deserve it all. And the best CBD distributors will understand just how important it is to make sure you’re happy with the job they’re doing. Here at Curaleaf Hemp, customer service is our number-one priority. Always. We go above and beyond to ensure both our retail partners and our own customer base are happy with our service and quality of goods. We know more than anyone how important it is to serve customers well. That’s why we strive to maintain a solid rapport with every customer who touches our product—retail or direct.

3. Selection

Does the Distributor Have a Well-Rounded Assortment of Products Available?

It’s a good sign when a CBD distributor has a diverse range of products available. Why? It gives you the freedom to choose from several options in order to source the best products for your customers. Plus, customers generally tend to stick with brands they trust. That means if you offer CBD tinctures from one company that they like, your customers are more likely to come back and try other products from the same brand.

Here at Curaleaf Hemp, we offer a wide variety of quality hemp-derived CBD tinctures, topicals and more. Each one is formulated for a specific purpose—something our customers really love because it helps them find the best products to suit their needs. From Relieve and Relax to Digest and Uplift, every CBD oil blend we create is designed with a certain moodstate in mind.

4. Identity

Does the CBD Distributor Have a Strong Brand Presence and Marketing Strategy?

Once you confirm that the CBD distributor you’re vetting meets the basic criteria detailed above, focus on their brand presence. Typically, CBD distributors that have a strong brand and marketing strategy will be your best bet. What does this look like?

For us, it means going the extra mile to educate consumers about CBD through different marketing channels, including on social media and via our blog. But it also means having a well-established brand that consumers can turn to for reliable information about CBD in general. Ideally, pick a CBD distributor that falls in line with your own marketing ideas as a retailer. You want products that you can truly get behind and market because you’re confident in the brand and what they have to offer.

Why Curaleaf Hemp Is the Best CBD Distributor in the Industry

We currently distribute our products to some of the largest retail chains in the world, including CVS, who trusts us for our quality service and pure hemp-derived CBD products. Our diverse assortment of THC-free CBD tinctures, topicals and pain patches are carefully formulated with only the best natural ingredients and essential oils and essences. Wellness is our passion, and we make products to help people live life well.

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