6 Ideas To Make Your Next Summer Road Trip Less Stressful

6 Ideas To Make Your Next Summer Road Trip Less Stressful

Whether you’re hitting the road for a day trip, a long weekend or a week-long vacation, the journey should be every bit as much fun as your destination. When it comes to packing the highways and by-ways on a consistent basis, summer is the undisputed champion of traffic, delays and stress. Luckily for you, non-intoxicating CBD is the ultimate summer road trip companion that can help you cope with the frustration of going nowhere fast. Of course, the best way to deal with summer travel stress is to avoid it altogether – not by ditching your summer road trip plans but by making a few smart decisions before you leave.

1. Avoid popular destinations in favor of smaller or lesser known towns

Whether it’s a popular beach, park, city or quaint town every state has their popular vacation hubs that everyone flocks to during the summer. Instead of following the herd, try discovering the next big thing. Use Google Maps to explore surrounding towns of the place you’re thinking about visiting or if you really want to avoid the crowds, look at destinations in the opposite direction. For example, on the East Coast, the Jersey Shore and Cape Cod are two of the most popular summer travel destinations. If you’re thinking about visiting one of them, try going to a lesser known beach areas like Asbury Park, NJ or Plymouth, MA. You’ll still encounter some traffic but you’ll be in that traffic for less time.

2. Pack your bags early and hit the road before or after everyone else

Every hour you spend in the car is one less hour you have to spend resting, relaxing and enjoying yourself at your destination. If you really want to avoid sitting in traffic, consider a radical departure time where the only other vehicles on the road are truckers and second shifters. Leaving your house at 3am is painful but it’s a lot less irritating than sitting in bumper to bumper traffic at 7am. In order to make this move, you’ll want to pack your bags days in advance so you can load up the car as soon as you get home from work and then get to bed as early as possible. When your alarm goes off, take a dose of one of our REVIVE CBD products, take an invigorating shower, fill your travel mug with coffee and GO.

If you have small children, they will likely fall back to sleep as soon as you’re on the highway. If they make a fuss, you can take solace in the fact that they’re not screaming “are we there yet” while you’re in bumper to bumper traffic. Be sure to call your hotel, campground or AirBnB host a few days before your departure to see if early check-in is available. If they don’t, no problem. You can use the time you saved by beating the traffic to enjoy a relaxing breakfast at a nearby restaurant or to visit one of the area’s attractions before you check-in.

3. Bring your own snacks to avoid overeating and blowing up your budget

You’re probably going to be eating in restaurants more often while you’re away from home. Save yourself calories and cash by packing a cooler filled with healthy snack items like grapes, apples, cut fruit and carrot sticks or at the very least, purchase your chips and pretzels at your local supermarket instead of the higher priced convenience stores at the rest areas and gas stations on your way. If you’re prone to motion sickness, a dose of one of our DIGEST CBD products is a great idea at any point of your trip.

4. Put technology to work for you

Self-driving cars are still a few years away but there are several proven technologies that can help you spend less time in traffic and avoid problems on the road. Our first suggestion is geared towards travelers in areas where tolls are common. An E-Z Pass (or your state’s equivalent technology) can save you the aggravation of waiting in line at a human-powered toll both. Even if you don’t travel often, participating in your state’s electronic toll collection system is a wise investment that you’ll appreciate no matter what your reason for traveling happens to be.

If you wish you’ve ever pulled into a lane of traffic that you thought would be faster only to have it instantly slow down, you know how frustrating it is to not know what’s going on ahead of you. That’s where the mobile GPS app Waze comes in. Powered by a community of users who provide real-time updates of traffic incidents such as accidents, breakdowns and the presence of police, Waze will tell you how to avoid trouble areas and in extreme situations, recommend faster routes you never would have figured out on your own. When you’re driving somewhere new, Waze can save you hours of time and incalculable amounts of stress and anxiety.

5. Play some old school travel games

If you grew up before smart phones, wifi and portable DVD players, you know what it’s like to entertain yourself in a long car ride with nothing but your senses. A long car ride is the perfect opportunity to reprise classic travel games like 20 questions, I Spy and the Alphabet Game along with a few others recommended the travel experts at TripSavvy. These games can be as fun for adults as they are for kids while providing a nice break from technology.

6. Be ready with Plan B or prepared to “go with the flow”

Sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out – beaches get crowded, weather doesn’t cooperate and children get cranky. Instead of stressing out about backup plans, ask locals what they do for fun. Try something completely different like taking a short boat cruise, joining a bus or trolley tour, or renting a scooter or bicycle to explore the area. Every road trip is an opportunity for new experiences so don’t get caught up in following your itinerary to the minute and embrace spontaneity. And if you feel your frustration levels starting to rise, a dose of our UPLIFT CBD products can help you get back on a more positive track.

Remember, you’re taking this road trip to ESCAPE your stress, not add to it. With a little planning, a touch of flexibility and a little help from technology, you can turn every car trip you take this summer into a pleasure cruise.

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