How To Take CBD Oil: A Straightforward Guide

How To Take CBD Oil: A Straightforward Guide

Your friends are probably doing it. You may have spotted a co-worker with it. Your own parents may have hopped on the bandwagon. It’s a fact that CBD is turning up everywhere, and millions of people are rightfully curious to see what all the fuss is about.

From relieving anxiety, depression and chronic pain to reducing inflammation, acne and the symptoms of PMS, the list of CBD’s proposed and proven health benefits keeps growing. And with its rich history as a medically beneficial part of the cannabis plant—plus the amount of new research turning up almost daily—it’s hard to ignore just how many ways CBD could be beneficial for you.

But how exactly do you take CBD oil?

3 Ways to Take CBD Oil

1. Ingest CBD Orally

Of all the CBD products on the market today, you’ll find more that are designed to be orally ingested than anything else. CBD oil in a tincture can simply be dropped on the tongue to be swallowed, or placed under the tongue for sublingual absorption. There are also a plethora of CBD-infused edibles, such as gummies, candies, beverages and more.

Orally ingesting CBD is the slowest method of delivery because the CBD must travel through the digestive tract before it makes its way into the bloodstream to be distributed throughout the body. However, the effects of ingested CBD will last longer. Typically, levels of ingested CBD peak between one and six hours, which is ideal for sustaining a longer-term of relief.

Things to Remember About Ingested CBD:

  • Some foods can affect how the body absorbs CBD because it’s a fat-soluble compound.
  • CBD can interact with certain prescription drugs, especially when taken orally. If you’re on medication, be sure to check with your doctor before adding CBD oil to your wellness regimen.
  • Ingesting CBD will yield results slowly, but the effects will last longer.

2. Apply CBD Topically

Your skin boasts some of the highest numbers of CBD receptors of anywhere in the body. Therefore, topical applications of CBD are considered to be a highly effective method of delivery to targeted areas. CBD creams, lotions and salves are the most common topical products, but you can also find CBD-infused makeup, sprays and massage oils.

What’s great about topical CBD is that it delivers the ingredients directly to the source of your ailment. For example, if you’re suffering from sore muscles or eczema, simply apply the CBD product directly to the affected area and the formula will work directly on those skin cells. Topical CBD rarely enters the bloodstream, and the rate of delivery can vary depending on the consistency and potency of the product used.

Things to Remember About Topical CBD:

  • Topical CBD agents are usually skin-deep applications, meaning most topical formulas don’t enter the bloodstream.
  • Topical CBD is often paired with other CBD products like edibles for maximum benefits.
  • Results can vary greatly depending on the product used and your body chemistry.

3. Take CBD Sublingually

CBD taken sublingually, that is, under the tongue, is one of the more popular CBD delivery methods. Oils and tinctures are specifically designed to be taken either orally or sublingually, but when something is taken sublingually, it enters the bloodstream a little faster. When you place CBD oil under your tongue, your saliva will rapidly dissolve the oil, where it gets absorbed into the bloodstream instead of being sent to the digestive tract.

The primary benefit of sublingual CBD is that you will feel the effects within minutes, and those effects can a long time. CBD drops, tinctures, sprays, and even pastes are available in sublingual formulas. When using these products, you should place the dosed amount under your tongue and hold it there for about 90 seconds.

Things to Remember About Sublingual CBD:

  • Sublingual delivery is faster than ingestion.
  • There are multiple sublingual CBD products to try.
  • Sublingual delivery gives you rapid absorption and long-lasting effects.

    Final Thoughts and Pointers on How to Take CBD Oil

    The vast array of CBD products available means you have several delivery methods to choose from. A good idea is to start out with one CBD delivery method and then try out other methods until you find the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

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