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5 Natural Ways to Improve Your Digestive Health

If you occasionally experience heartburn, indigestion or upset stomach that require the constant use of antacids, you may be looking for more natural ways to take control. From choosing your ingredients wisely to adding CBD to your diet to support healthy digestion (which you may already be using for pain management or treating anxiety), there are many ways to take control of how your food makes you feel. Here are 5 key natural ways to get you started on the path to better digestive health.

1. Calm your mind and your stomach will follow

When you’re stressed, it affects your whole body, and your system may even divert energy away from digestion in favor of what it perceives as more vital functions. That’s why it’s so important to achieve a calm, relaxed state of mind before you eat. Try taking a few deep breaths, shutting down the electronics and even diffusing some essential oils. If that’s not possible during your busy work day, start by making a rule not to eat while you’re working, driving or walking and help your stomach out by choosing easy to digest foods like bananas, eggs, stews and soups.

2. Skip the processed foods and add natural probiotics

It’s no secret that eating fast food and packaged meals isn’t good for you, but their salty goodness and convenience can be hard to resist. Instead of savory junk, go with healthier choices like pickles, sauerkraut and kimchi, and for sweeter substitutes choose yogurt or kombucha – all of which are natural probiotics. Probiotics are the good bacteria you need to overpower bad bacteria that can cause a whole host of stomach issues.

3. Discover the natural soothing associated with CBD and essential oils

Remember the ginger ale your parents gave you to settle your stomach when you were little? It wasn’t just an old home remedy. Ginger has been scientifically proven to suppress nausea and reduce inflammation. That’s why we chose the comforting essential oils of ginger to create our Digest CBD tinctures and vape pens. It’s also why adding it to a cup of ginger tea after any meal might help you avoid any queasy feelings or churning sensations. Preparing ginger tea is as easy as placing two slices of fresh ginger in a cup, adding boiling water and letting it steep for five to ten minutes.

4. Working out regularly can make you regular

In addition to kick starting your metabolism, regular exercise gets your blood flowing faster to all parts of your body. This helps you digest food faster and strengthens the muscles in your digestive tract to make the entire process easier. You don’t have to be a runner or spend hours at the gym to achieve these benefits. Going for a walk after lunch is an easy way to “get things moving” and the twists, stretches and breathing techniques of yoga have been known to promote “internal purity”.

5. Make time in your day to eat the right things the right way

It sounds simple but one of the best things you can do for your gut is to take the time to chew your food slowly and deliberately. . If the demands of daily life are forcing you to eat whenever you can, you need to make dedicated meal times every 3-4 hours part of your daily wellness routine. This will give you the structure you need to make healthier choices and enjoy the simple pleasure of eating. Taking the time to eat slowly at regular intervals will provide your stomach with easier to digest food on a consistent basis. You’ll find yourself feeling satisfied throughout the day with none of the sharp hunger pangs that cause you to overeat at lunch or indulge in unhealthy snacks in the afternoon.

If you regularly suffer from digestive issues, you may feel like you’re being ruled by your gut. The first step to turning that helpless feeling around is to take control of what, when and how you eat. Just a few simple changes can help your digestive system run smoother and faster and make you a whole lot happier.

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