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4 Reasons To Use CBD Oil For Dogs

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to provide medical advice or diagnose or treat any health conditions. If your pet is experiencing issues with their health, please visit your vet as soon as possible. 

From reducing anxiety and nervous tension to relieving inflammation and the side effects of cancer treatment, CBD oil is a versatile and safe form of alternative therapy for humans. But did you know that it’s also safe for your pet?

The American Kennel Club supports the use of CBD oil on dogs and is even funding a study conducted by Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, to observe how CBD affects treatment-resistant epileptic dogs. 

So as an owner, it’s worth it educate yourself on just how your dog might benefit from using this all-natural and non-intoxicating supplement known for its wide range of health benefits.

1. CBD Reduces Anxiety & Nervous Tension

Is your dog afraid of loud noises? Skittish around strangers? Constantly jittery? The good news is using CBD may help with dog anxiety.

Studies show that CBD effective at managing the symptoms of anxiety. In dogs, it can potentially:

  • Decrease compulsive behavior like biting, scratching, chewing, whining, eliminating, and other symptoms of dog separation anxiety
  • Decrease autonomic arousal symptoms like fast/irregular heartbeat, panting, and general distressed feelings
  • Alleviate fear feelings
  • Prevent the longer-term health effects of anxiety

        2. CBD Oil Can Help With Pain & Inflammation

        When your pet is suffering from chronic pain, this stems from inflammation. Inflamed muscle tissue leads to pressure on the surrounding nerve endings, which causes pain throughout different parts of your dog’s body. CBD interacts with your dog’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), a series of specialized receptors that regulate pain, mood, memory, appetite, stress and the immune system. Humans also have an ECS, which makes it possible to experience the beneficial effects of CBD. When CBD communicates with these receptors, they react to form anti-inflammatory effects that can successfully relieve pain.

        For dogs with arthritis and other joint issues, the American Kennel Club reports that CBD treats inflammation in the muscle tissue and joints—which works to improve the overall musculoskeletal system. In turn, this helps take pressure away from the surrounding nerve endings and directly reduces pain.

        3. CBD Oil Promotes Healthy Digestion In Dogs

        According to PetMD, CBD can be also used to treat gastrointestinal issues involving the digestive tract. And the best part is your dog won’t need to be sedated. There are also no signs of long term damage to the GI tract when using CBD oil as a supplement for digestive issues.

        4. CBD Oil Can Help Alleviate The Symptoms Of Dog Cancer

        CBD’s ability to relieve the side effects of cancer treatments, such as pain and nausea, is by far one of its most compelling benefits yet. A study confirmed that CBD oil produced an anti-emetic/anti-nausea effect in those exposed to toxic substances, including chemotherapy. Another study proved that CBD can reduce pain in dogs without side effects. Researchers found that giving 2 mg/kg (2 mg per 2.2 pounds) of CBD oil twice a day reduced pain and increased physical activity for canines without triggering any negative symptoms. There’s also research that supports CBD can effectively shrink cancer tumors by preventing cancer cells from metastasis or reproducing.

        And as more studies are conducted on CBD’s role in cancer treatment relief, the more we’ll understand about its place in modern medicine.

        Final Thoughts On Using CBD For Dogs

        Now that you know CBD is safe for your pet, it’s important to talk about finding a quality CBD supplier.

        Unfortunately, the CBD industry is still unregulated. As a result, the market is full of products that aren’t what they claim. This means you could be buying a product that contains harmful, un-natural ingredients and/or THC, which is toxic to pets.

        Our advice: Be cautious, be conscious and choose Bido Pet CBD by Curaleaf Hemp. Our CBD oil for pets is carefully designed with the highest ingredients, no artificial colors or flavorings, and only pure hemp-derived CBD. Plus, every product is tested by a trusted third-party to ensure purity and efficacy.

        Explore Pure, Hemp-Based CBD For Pets From Bido Pet CBD By Curaleaf Hemp

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