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What’s The Best CBD Dosage For Pain?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 20.4% of adults in the U.S. are living with chronic pain. For years, the primary form of treatment has been prescription pain medications like opioids, which have proven to be even more dangerous and damaging than living with chronic pain itself.

But, there’s a silver lining. The opioid crisis has increased the need for alternative forms of medicine for people with chronic pain, thus increasing the amount of natural, non-habit-forming treatment options available. One of these options is CBD, or cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating fiber of the cannabis plant with a host of health benefits, from pain and anxiety relief to anti-inflammation and more.

In a survey published by the Daily Mail, 72% of people living with chronic pain proclaimed they would be willing to try CBD to help alleviate their symptoms in place of their prescription meds. So if you’re in the same boat, you’re likely wondering, How do I know if CBD will work for me? And how much CBD do I need to take to relieve my pain?

Here’s what you need to know:

Disclaimer: This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult with your physician or another qualified medical professional with any questions you have about back pain or any other health condition. Do not start or stop taking any medication without first discussing it with a doctor.

1. Consult Your Doctor

Technically, doctors can’t prescribe CBD for pain. But they can make professional recommendations about where to start with your CBD experimentation process. Currently, there’s no FDA-approved recommended dose to refer to, only practical recommendations. However, your primary care physician can give you pointers based on your condition and the medications you are currently taking, which can be helpful.

2. Every Person’s Pain Levels And Expectations Are Different

It’s really hard to prescribe every person with chronic pain a dose of CBD and expect it to work. There are multiple factors that can affect how you react to CBD—including the type of pain you have, the source of the pain, your overall physique and more. Additionally, your response to CBD will depend on the type of CBD you take and the quality of the brand that created it. For instance, someone using disposable CBD vape pens from a quality company in the CBD industry may reap more benefits than if they were taking a CBD tincture from a questionable source.

3. Rough Estimates Are Available To Help Find The Right CBD Dosage For Pain

Typically, most CBD products will have instructions on what the standard dose looks like; some will say take one thing, while others will say something else. Whatever the case, it will be a very basic dosing recommendation for many ailments, and is only a recommended starting point. But a good way to find the dosage level that offers you the most pain relief is to gradually increase the dosage every three to four weeks. And make sure you keep a notebook to jot down your experiences at different dosage levels. The ultimate goal is to start small and work your way up. If you take a dose and you notice it doesn’t seem to be taking effect, administer a little more until you find that happy medium.

4. Overdosing On CBD Would Be Almost Impossible

To date, no known dose of CBD is so large that it could be considered lethal to the human body. Even what seems to be extremely high doses—up to 1,500 mg a day or more—have few side effects, such as:

  • Dry mouth or increased thirst.
  • Dizziness or feelings of being lightheaded.
  • Drowsiness.
  • Slightly lowered blood pressure.

5. Genetics Can Play A Role In CBD Reception

Many people who try the smallest dosage of CBD will be able to see a difference in pain levels, while others may need more to feel even the slightest difference. Why does this happen? Blame it on genetics. Some research shows that genetic predispositions have an effect on how an individual responds to cannabinoids like CBD. It could be from a mutation in certain genes that work with the body’s own endocannabinoid system, in which case it’s possible an individual would need to take a higher dosage of CBD to experience the full spectrum of its effects.

6. CBD Is Non-Habit-Forming

One of the best things about CBD as an alternative treatment option for chronic pain is that it’s non-habit-forming. So if you decide to incorporate it into your health regimen, you won’t gain a dependency on CBD like you could with certain prescription painkillers. And, if suddenly you decide you don’t want to take CBD anymore, you won’t experience any withdrawal symptoms or side effects other than noticing signs of physical discomfort that is associated with chronic pain anyway.

In addition, CBD is not something that requires you to take larger doses of over time to achieve the same effects you experienced when you started using it, which makes it a sustainable and safe way to alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain.

7. Quality CBD Makes All The Difference

Now, before you race to find the perfect CBD product to help you with your pain, know that quality counts. Unfortunately, the CBD industry is currently unregulated and there are tons of products on the market that aren’t what they say they are—meaning, not all CBD products are created equal. So always do your research before you buy any CBD product. Never take a brand’s word for it. Check to make sure the CBD you buy comes from a reputable brand who uses all-natural ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors.

Also look for a product that comes with precise dosing instructions and is third-party tested to verify the purity and safety of its ingredients. With the overwhelming amount of products marketed as “pure CBD,” it’s hard to know what’s the real deal without proof in the form of valid test results conducted by a trusted third party.

Here at Curaleaf Hemp, your wellness is our passion. That’s why we carefully formulate all of our CBD products for pain using pure hemp-derived CBD, natural, non-GMO ingredients and absolutely 0% THC. We also conduct rigorous third-party testing to confirm the quality of every product.

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