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3 Tips For Taking Your CBD Tincture

Using a CBD tincture is one of the simplest and most effective ways to consume CBD. Why? Tinctures are incredibly versatile and convenient because they are liquid, portable, and easy to dose. The drops can be taken under the tongue, added to food or drinks, or simply swallowed, which is also why it's relatively easy to find a dosage method when using a CBD tincture that will work for virtually any individual based on their needs and body chemistry.

While CBD tinctures are definitely a preferred way to take CBD, a successful user experience largely comes down to taking them properly. 

Here are three simple tips to help you take your tincture experience to the next level.

1. Do your research and choose your CBD tincture wisely

Choosing a quality CBD tincture is something that will make all the difference in the experience you have with the product. A lower quality tincture with subpar ingredients is not going to yield the same results as a well-made product. So before you settle on a specific tincture, make sure you look at certain attributes, such as:

  • CBD concentration
  • Sweeteners and artificial agents used for flavoring purposes
  • Usability and portability of the product
  • Affordability of the product
  • How and from what the CBD is extracted

At Curaleaf Hemp, our products are made with pure hemp-derived CBD and 0% THC. We extract our CBD from hemp plants that have been grown in controlled environments in Kentucky and Colorado. In addition to our certified CO2 extraction processes, to make sure we offer the finest ingredients in our tinctures and other CBD products, we have all our products tested by a third-party lab to ensure there is no presence of THC. Our CBD products are also tested for cannabinoid concentration, pesticides, residual solvents, and trace solvents or metals.

2. Determine your proper dosage

Getting the proper dose of CBD can involve several different factors, including what ailment you are trying to alleviate or any other reasons you might take CBD. Here at Curaleaf Hemp, we provide clear guidelines on dosage and suggested use on all of our products—as well as a helpful writeup on how much CBD you should take. Most people start out with CBD tinctures by micro-dosing, which means taking small doses to start and gradually increasing the dose until the desired effects are achieved.

Because liquid CBD tinctures are taken orally, usually on or under the tongue, you should see fast-acting results. A general guideline to follow is to take about 6 milligrams of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight, but this dosage may need to be higher or lower, depending on the individual. It is never a bad idea to speak with your doctor to get a dosage recommendation when you initially start taking CBD tinctures.

3. Store your tincture properly to protect its quality

CBD is a shelf-stable product in most forms, including CBD tinctures. However, placing or keeping your tincture in the wrong environment can hinder its effectiveness and affect your user experience. There are three primary things to be mindful of when storing your CBD tincture after purchase to protect its overall quality.


Make sure you store your tincture in a cool environment. Heat can cause the compounds to break down and lose their effectiveness. You don't have to necessarily keep your tincture refrigerated, but it is best to keep it no warmer than ambient temperature. If you live in a warmer climate and don't have air conditioning, it is best to keep your tincture in the refrigerator to protect its quality. Don't store your tincture in a cabinet near an appliance that exudes heat, such as an oven or heater. You should also avoid:

  • Keeping the tincture in your pocket or close to your body
  • Leaving the tincture in your vehicle during warm weather
  • Storing the tincture where it will be exposed to hot steam, such as in your bathroom


Direct sunlight can cause your CBD tincture to degrade with time, so it is always best to keep your product in a place where it will be protected from direct sunlight. Most CBD tinctures are packaged in darkened glass to specifically thwart the negative effects of direct sunlight. A cool, dark cabinet is a good place to keep your CBD tincture if you are not storing it in the fridge.


Exposure to air can also degrade CBD products, which is why the best products are sold in airtight containers that completely seal when they are properly closed. It is best to keep your CBD tincture in its original container and avoid leaving the lid off of the bottle for long periods of time. If you accidentally take out more CBD than what you need when blending with food or drink, it is usually best to dispose of the excess if it has been left exposed to air for a long period.

With a little guidance, you can confidently work CBD tinctures into your daily regimen and reap the benefits of the supplement. To find high-quality CBD tinctures and other CBD products, check out our products today.

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