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Everything You Need To Know About Essential Oils For Wellness

Long before they were in CBD tinctures and disposable vape pens, essential oils were providing benefits to people seeking natural remedies to all manner of ailments. Yes, they’re great in those things too, but these complex mixtures of natural chemicals have been sought after and extracted from plants such as lavender, mint, orange, and ginger since the Pharaohs’ heyday.

Today, as millions of people seek natural relief to medical conditions typically treated with pharmaceuticals, essential oils are riding a wave of popularity and widespread acceptance. But, if you’re neither an Egyptian pharaoh nor an experienced practitioner of natural remedies, you could probably use a quick rundown of how your wellness might be improved with essential oils.

Essential oils are the foundation of aromatherapy

Your sense of smell is a direct line to your emotions and your memories. Go ahead, think of fresh baked cookies, or a campfire and see if you don’t crack a smile. Aromatherapy is the natural practice of utilizing different essential oils to evoke feelings, emotions, and reactions in your brain that enhance your physical and emotional health. Essential oils are popular in aromatherapy because their 100% natural scents are long-lasting and easy to use.

Essential oils can help you reduce your caffeine consumption

You know too much caffeine and sugar aren’t good for you, but how do you cut down on the multiple cups of morning coffee or afternoon energy drinks you’ve conditioned your mind and body to crave? Think back to when you were a kid and one of the cool moms broke out the orange slices at your soccer or baseball game. The smell of fresh cut citrus is a natural stimulant which is why we use lemon bergamot essential oils in our Revive line of tinctures and vape pens.  It’s a jolt of energy you can feel good about because it’s fast-acting and powered by 100% natural ingredients.

Essential oils can help you relax before bed

Everything in life is better after a good night’s sleep but far too many of us are scraping by on just a few hours of shut-eye. In contrast to the stimulating effects of lemon bergamot, the essential oils in lavender, which are used in Curaleaf’s Relax line of tinctures and vape pens can help you achieve a feeling of serenity and calm before bedtime.

Essential oils are key to a natural skincare routine

Everyone wants healthy looking skin but if you’re the type of person who worries about where your skin products come from or what types of chemicals you’re washing down the drain, essential oils could be a good fit for your lifestyle. Make sure to add the essential oil into a lotion or a carrier oil and check out carrot seed oil to brighten up your complexion, sandalwood for dry skin, and tea tree essential oil for acne.

Essential oils are a great addition to a holistic pain management plan

Plenty of people these days are second-guessing the way they treat both their chronic pain and short-term pain due to injury or over-exertion. Peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil are known for their cooling effects in treating sharp, intense pain while ginger oil, clove oil, and black pepper have a warming effect to soothe dull aches and deep, nagging pains.  

Essential oils are best when fresh

While the aromas and effects of essential oils last several hours when applied to your skin or diffused in a vaporizer, the potency of the oils themselves breaks down over time. While the shelf life of essential oils varies by type and storing conditions, a good rule of thumb is to use them within two years of the purchase date.

Essential oils are a powerful wellness tool, but when combined with the different therapeutic benefits and effects of, CBD products they have the power to help you live life better than ever before.
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5 Important Reasons To Use A CBD Vape Pen

Vaping CBD oil is trending, and for good reason: it's healthier than inhaling smoke, incredibly convenient and there's no need for a medical marijuana card. Nor do you have to live in a state that has legalized marijuana to enjoy CBD. If you're over the age of 21, it's legal to purchase a CBD oil vape pen and enjoy it wherever you go within the United States. 

For those of you who don't know, CBD is an acronym that stands for cannabidiol and is one of over 113 active compounds found in the cannabis plant. It's known to help with a variety of health conditions from anxiety and pediatric seizures to headaches, insomnia, nausea and more. But unlike marijuana, which contains psychoactive THC, CBD is non-psychoactive making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to experience the wide range of benefits of the cannabis plant without the intoxicating side effects caused by marijuana and THC. 

So what exactly makes using a CBD vape pen such an important way to consume CBD oil?

1. Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

If you were able to travel through time a decade into the future, you would likely find that few people smoke in the year 2029. CBD vape pens are quickly spilling over into the mainstream. Vaping CBD is much healthier than smoking marijuana or any other substance, especially when you vape pure CBD oil made from quality ingredients. 

Those who rely on lighters to burn their flower or other substance inhale butane from the lighter flame. Butane negatively affects human health and has the potential to reach the bloodstream which can wreak all sorts of havoc on the body. In fact, butane inhalation can damage the liver and can even prove fatal since it pulls life-providing oxygen out of red blood cells.

The bottom line: smoking is unhealthy because it irritates the lungs, spurring symptoms similar to bronchitis. Whereas vaping CBD doesn't pose the problems associated with butane inhalation or any other dangerous threats. Not to mention, vaping CBD oil impacts your system faster than other consumption methods such as ingesting edibles which can take up to six hours to fully kick in. 

So unless you plan on devoting a day to enjoying edibles, you're probably better off using a CBD vape pen for instant relief. 

2. Stress Relief

Modern life is incredibly stressful. With a 40-hour work week, parenting responsibilities and chores around the house, there is simply too much to do. Instead of reaching for a bowl of marijuana, try vaping CBD. The best thing about vaping CBD oil is that it relieves stress without causing the fatigue induced by marijuana. Another added bonus: vaping CBD doesn't promote the munchies like smoking or vaping marijuana does. You need only the right CBD oil vape pen with a special blend made for diminishing stress. For this, we recommend our relax vape pen. It's a warm, comforting blend carefully designed to combat tension with and infused with natural essential oils from ylang-ylang flowers and vanilla beans.

3. It's Convenient and Discreet

Marijuana smokers are virtually barred from enjoying flower in public. Those who vape CBD can indulge without generating the traditional marijuana odor or smoke. Vape pens are diminutive, easy to conceal and quite stylish. You can vape CBD in peace just about anywhere thanks to the replaceable and disposable cartridges of vape pens.

4. There Is No Need for a Medical Marijuana Prescription or Card

Choose to vape CBD and you will not have to fuss around with the bureaucracy required to obtain a medical marijuana card or prescription. Anyone age 21 and older can purchase hemp-based CBD oil. It is even possible to have a CBD vape pen and replacement cartridges delivered right to your door in a discreetly. Ask anyone who has tried to obtain a medical marijuana prescription or card about the process and you will find it was unnecessarily arduous. Depending on your location, most doctors may be unwilling to write a prescription for medical marijuana. And, there is no guarantee you will even qualify for a medical marijuana card after you jump through the extensive hoops and screening required for consideration.

In short: there's no sense going through the hassle required to get a medical marijuana card when you can simply use a CBD pen.

5) Easy Dosage Control

Dosage is always an issue with conventional marijuana flower as there is no way to know how much CBD you receive with a bowl, bong or joint. The beauty of CBD vaporizers is that they eliminate the guesswork since the amount of CBD is listed on the product. Plus, the use of disposable cartridges guarantees that you'll enjoy a precisely measured CBD dose every single time. There is no need to wait several hours to receive the pain relief as required with edibles and some pills. 

Discover Pure CBD Oil Vape Pens & More

If you're interested in vaping CBD, you'll need a reliable vape pen. That’s where we come in. Our collection of vape pen blends are each designed with a specific purpose and mood state in mind to best help address your needs. Choose from relax, revive, digest, relieve and uplift

All of our CBD vape pens and products are 100% hemp-derived and farmed wholly in the United States. 

Natural, non-intoxicating products for a better quality of life. That’s the promise of CBD, and Curaleaf Hemp is your source for the most effective hemp-based CBD products that meet the strictest quality standards in the industry.

Learn more about Curaleaf Hemp and CBD here.


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Can I Use CBD Oil For Pain Relief?

If you haven’t been able to find an effective medication to treat your pain, it’s time to consider CBD.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. Of the 113 or so total cannabinoids, each with its own set of unique effects on the human body, CBD is the one known for providing pain relief and is completely non-intoxicating. It is also considered a safer alternative to opioids and other pharmaceutical pain relievers.

Research on CBD shows that it can help with a host of physical health conditionsfrom back pain and menstrual cramps to headaches, knee pain and more. It also can be applied or consumed in several ways, making it the perfect essential for any medicine cabinet. What CBD can’t do, however, is get people high like marijuana; despite the fact that they both come from the cannabis plant. The main difference between the two is that marijuana contains high amounts of the compound THC, while hemp has a higher percentage of CBD and less than .03% of THC.

As interest in CBD is growing, due to the recent passage of the Farm Bill, states can now begin creating their own programs to grow hemp and regulate CBD. Though there isn’t a lot of modern research into possible health benefits of hemp, there are more personal anecdotes of individuals who say various combinations of oils helped everything from bad skin to nearly fatal illnesses.

The relief begins when CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which includes several receptors in the body that can control pain, stress, appetite and mood.

Painful conditions CBD oil can help with include:


Whether they occur regularly or once in a while, headaches can be especially disabling. Though many of us are usually able to make it through the day with a mild to medium tension headache if we force ourselves to, more serious cluster headaches or migraines can sometimes make you want to scream in pain and find a dark corner to hide in the rest of the day.

A default option for many is over-the-counter analgesics, but not everyone can take them, and they don’t always help with more extreme head pain. To combat this, many have adopted the use of CBD capsules. The pain-relieving benefits of CBD can help to alleviate an aching head as well as relax the body. Plus, it can soothe neck or shoulder muscles that can often trigger headaches.

Back pain

The sudden rise of CBD topicals, which are creams or lotions you rub onto the body, have revolutionized the way people manage their back pain almost in the blink of an eye. Instead of relying on serious pain medications, which contain heavy chemicals and can become addictive, CBD topicals offer a natural, effective and fast-acting solution to relieving pain caused by muscles that have become strained or inflamed.

At the same time, CBD pain patches have become an equally compelling option for people with back pain. They can be easily be stuck to the back or area of pain and provide steady amounts of relief throughout the day. 

Knee pain

We put a lot of pressure on our knees, so it’s no wonder that they often start aching badly as we age or after a lot of use and abuse. For this, we also recommend topical lotions, which can you can rub regularly into your knees to ease the pain in your joints and improve your range of movement.

Menstrual pain

Women can suffer from cramping and other body pain for a few days to a week every month until they reach menopause. In the past, there weren’t a lot of options to help with menstrual pain, other than to alleviate it a little with aspirin. Today, there are a variety of CBD oil products that can help diminish menstrual pain, including tinctures, which are drops that are placed on or under the tongue. This helps the CBD reach the bloodstream quickly and take effect.

General anxiety

Pain isn't just physical; mental anxiety can be just as stressful, if not more so. The solution? Shift your focus and find your center. Disposable vape pens are the perfect tool for this. The pros of vaping CBD: it’s convenient, fast-acting, discreet, free of nicotine and offers a small controlled amount of CBD in vapor form that you can gently inhale and release for an altogether calming experience.

In our vape pens, we incorporate the benefits of natural essential oils like ylang-ylang and lavender that have been proven help relax the mind and body.

How To Find The Best CBD Oil For Pain Relief

Part of the fun that comes along with learning about CBD products is figuring out which method works best for you and the health condition you’re trying to address. Perhaps you find that a disposable vape pen provides faster pain relief for one area, but tinctures work better for another. The more you explore your options, the more you’ll understand how your body interacts with CBD and what your consumption methods of choice should be. And, because there’s less of a stigma and more access to CBD oil for pain, you can expect more opportunities to try products you might find useful and learn about how they work to relieve your pain.

But before you embark on your search to find the best CBD oil, make sure you consider the source before you buy any CBD product. With so many brands on the market to choose from, it can be difficult to know which route to take. Our advice: be conscious, be cautious and choose Curaleaf Hemp. We offer a variety of pure, lab-tested, THC free CBD products made with the highest quality full spectrum CBD oil and premium essential oils. All products are 100% hemp-derived and farmed wholly in the United States.

Shop Pure CBD Oil For Pain Relief

Natural, non-intoxicating products for a better quality of life. That’s the promise of CBD, and Curaleaf Hemp is your source for the most effective hemp-based CBD products that meet the strictest quality standards in the industry.

Learn more about Curaleaf Hemp and CBD here.
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How To Use CBD Oil For Anxiety

Disclaimer: This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult with your physician or another qualified medical professional with any questions you have about anxiety or any other health condition. Do not start or stop taking any medication without first discussing it with a doctor.

Clinical anxiety can be a debilitating condition. Unlike healthy anxiety, which is common in stressful situations, clinical anxiety has no real cause. The body responds to stressors that don't exist with typical fight-or-flight sensations, such as rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, a sense of fear, tingling in the arms and legs, dizziness and chest pain. In severe cases, individuals with anxiety may believe they are having heart attacks. Hospital emergency rooms frequently see people with poorly managed anxiety who are in the throes of panic attacks, because the body tricks itself into believing something is dangerously wrong. Anxiety often makes it difficult to work or maintain relationships.

Typical anxiety treatments include different types of talk therapy and medications such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and benzodiazepines. While these treatments can certainly be effective, they do come with a number of side effects, such as weight gain, headaches, dry mouth, suicidal thoughts, and addiction. Although the benefits of treatment usually outweigh the risks, it's normal to worry about side effects. CBD has been recently discovered to be an all-natural compound successful at reducing anxiety symptoms, both alone and in conjunction with other treatments.

How CBD Works To Reduce Anxiety

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a component of the cannabis plant. With the legalization of cannabis in many states across the United States for both recreational and medicinal use, CBD has become widely available. It's separated from the THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the psychoactive component of cannabis. This means that CBD does not produce a high, as marijuana does.

Although researchers and clinicians are unsure of how exactly CBD reduces anxiety, studies show that it's quite effective.  It's generally thought that CBD reacts with the human endocannabinoid system. A 2018 survey published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, Vol. 3 No. 1, suggests that 62 percent of CBD users take the substance to treat chronic pain, anxiety or depression, and 36 percent of respondents reported that CBD oil worked "very well by itself."

How To Use CBD Oil For Anxiety

CBD oil can be used in a variety of ways to help with chronic anxiety. One of the most common methods of delivery is via a tincture. Although tinctures are commonly made with alcohol, they can also be made with oil. Tinctures are placed under the tongue and held there for several seconds to encourage rapid absorption by the arterial blood vessels there. Other popular ways to use CBD oil for anxiety is with a vape or in edibles. Vape pens are easy to use, especially if they are disposable and you don't need to add the oil yourself, and they're much less harmful than smoking.

Finding The Best CBD Oil For Anxiety

Quality is critical when it comes to CBD oil. With the recent explosion of CBD on the legal market, many manufacturers are producing CBD oil and CBD-infused products. However, not all manufacturers are producing good CBD oil or even effective CBD oil. While poor-quality CBD oil is unlikely to do any damage, it's also not likely to have any benefit — usually, such products contain little to no real CBD in them at all. Be sure when you are researching the best CBD oil for anxiety that you only purchase from reputable brands that are committed to quality.

Curaleaf Hemp has long recognized the healing power of the hemp and has a wide variety of CBD-only products.

Curaleaf Hemp's Relax Tincture

This tincture contains 750 mg of CBD per bottle and is infused with vanilla and ylang-ylang essential oils for extra anxiety and stress relief. It is a full-spectrum oil, meaning that it contains the full range of cannabinoids, as well as fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, chlorophyll, protein, terpenes, fiber, and flavanoids. CBD oil that is not full-spectrum usually contains CBD isolate or purified CBD, which is only one of many cannabinoids contained in the hemp plant.

Curaleaf Hemp's Relax Vape Pen

This vape pen contains the same CBD oil blend as the Relax tincture, but in a convenient disposable vape pen. Each vape pen contains 225 mg of full-spectrum CBD.

Curaleaf Hemp's Uplift Vape Pen

The Uplift vape pen contains 225 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil, as well as jasmine and wintergreen essential oils for a powerful immune and mood-boosting experience.

Curaleaf Hemp's Uplift Tincture

The Uplift tincture contains 750 mg of CBD oil per bottle and is the same formula used in the popular Uplift vape pen. Anxiety sufferers often have periods where they feel down, or they may also have clinical depression. Uplift is an excellent choice when you need to feel motivated and capable.

CBD Soft Gel Capsules

If you prefer to take your CBD oil like any other medication, these softgel capsules make it easy. While the capsules are typically used for pain relief, they can also be used to reduce the symptoms of anxiety without using a tincture or vape pen.

Explore More CBD Products

CBD oil has so many benefits beyond alleviating the debilitating symptoms of clinical anxiety. You can use CBD oil to promote healthy digestion and relieve nausea and to relieve chronic pain. There are few to no side effects from this all-natural treatment, making it a safe choice to use alone or in combination with other therapies for anxiety and other medical conditions.

Curaleaf Hemp's products meet the strictest quality standards in the CBD oil industry, so you can be confident that every product you purchase is effective and has been tested prior to distribution. Shop with us today to discover the power of CBD oil.

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3 Tips For Taking Your CBD Tincture

Using a CBD tincture is one of the simplest and most effective ways to consume CBD. Why? Tinctures are incredibly versatile and convenient because they are liquid, portable, and easy to dose. The drops can be taken under the tongue, added to food or drinks, or simply swallowed, which is also why it's relatively easy to find a dosage method when using a CBD tincture that will work for virtually any individual based on their needs and body chemistry.

While CBD tinctures are definitely a preferred way to take CBD, a successful user experience largely comes down to taking them properly. 

Here are three simple tips to help you take your tincture experience to the next level.

1. Do your research and choose your CBD tincture wisely

Choosing the best CBD tincture is something that will make all the difference in the experience you have with the product. A lower quality tincture with subpar ingredients is not going to yield the same results as a well-made product. So before you settle on a specific tincture, make sure you look at certain attributes, such as:

  • CBD concentration.
  • Sweeteners and artificial agents used for flavoring purposes.
  • Usability and portability of the product.
  • Affordability of the product.
  • How and from what the CBD is extracted.

Curaleaf Hemp products are made with full-spectrum CBD and 0% THC. We extract our CBD from hemp plants that have been grown in controlled environments in Kentucky and Colorado. In addition to our certified CO2 extraction processes, to make sure we offer the finest ingredients in our tinctures and other CBD products, we have all our products tested by a third-party lab for quality and purity and to ensure there is no presence of THC. Our CBD products are also tested for cannabinoid concentration, pesticides, residual solvents, and trace solvents or metals.

2. Determine your proper dosage

Getting the proper dose of CBD can involve several different factors, including what ailment you are trying to alleviate or why you are otherwise taking CBD. Curaleaf Hemp provides clear guidelines on dosage and suggested use on all of our products, as well as a helpful writeup on how much CBD you should take. Most people start out with CBD tinctures by micro-dosing, which means taking small doses to start and gradually increasing the dose until desirable effects are achieved.

Because liquid CBD tinctures are taken orally, usually on or under the tongue, you should see fast-acting results. A general guideline to follow is to take about 6 milligrams of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight, but this dosage may need to be higher or lower, depending on the individual. It is never a bad idea to speak with your doctor to get a dosage recommendation when you initially start taking CBD tinctures.

3. Store your tincture properly to protect its quality

CBD is a shelf-stable product in most of its forms, including CBD tinctures. However, placing or keeping your tincture in the wrong environment can hinder its effectiveness and affect your user experience. There are three primary things to be mindful of when storing your CBD tincture after purchase to protect its overall quality.


Make sure you store your tincture in a cool environment. Heat can cause the compounds to break down and lose their effectiveness. You don't have to necessarily keep your tincture refrigerated, but it is best to keep it no warmer than ambient temperature. If you live in a warmer climate and don't have air conditioning, it is best to keep your tincture in the refrigerator to protect its quality. Don't store your tincture in a cabinet near an appliance that exudes heat, such as an oven or heater. You should also avoid:

  • Keeping the tincture in your pocket or close to your body.
  • Leaving the tincture in your vehicle during warm weather.
  • Storing the tincture where it will be exposed to hot steam, such as in your bathroom.


Direct sunlight can cause your CBD tincture to degrade with time, so it is always best to keep your product in a place where it will be protected from direct sunlight. Most CBD tinctures are packaged in darkened glass to specifically thwart the negative effects of direct sunlight. A cool, dark cabinet is a good place to keep your CBD tincture if you are not storing it in the fridge.


Exposure to air can also degrade CBD products, which is why the best products are sold in airtight containers that completely seal when they are properly closed. It is best to keep your CBD tincture in its original container and avoid leaving the lid off of the bottle for long periods of time. If you accidentally take out more CBD than what you need when blending with food or drink, it is usually best to dispose of the excess if it has been left exposed to air for a long period.

With a little guidance, you can confidently work CBD tinctures into your daily regimen and reap the benefits of the supplement. To find high-quality CBD tinctures and other CBD products, check out our products at Curaleaf Hemp.

Shop Pure CBD Tinctures

All products are 100% hemp-derived and farmed wholly in the United States.


Natural, non-intoxicating products for a better quality of life. That’s the promise of CBD, and Curaleaf Hemp is your source for the most effective hemp-based CBD products that meet the strictest quality standards in the industry.

Learn more about Curaleaf Hemp and CBD here.

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